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Tumi Tracer® Product Recovery Program is an exclusive, complimentary program that helps reunite Tumi customers with their lost or stolen items including luggage and business cases. Since its introduction in 1999, Tumi Tracer has helped thousands of our customers reclaim their valuable Tumi products.

The core of the Tumi Tracer program is a unique 20-digit individual product number printed on a special metal plate that is permanently affixed to Tumi products. That number, along with the owners contact information, will be entered into our Tracer database when a bag is registered with us.

When a lost or stolen Tumi Tracer item is found, the finder can call the free, worldwide collect Tumi Tracer hotline number (1.732.748.8864) that is also printed on the metal plate. Once a Tracer number is reported, Tumi will notify the customer and provide information on how the item can be recovered.

Registering your Tumi product provides several important benefits. It automatically enrolls you in the worldwide Tumi Tracer Product Recovery Program, and allows you to receive notification of special Tumi events, new products and exclusive offers.

A confirmation of your registration will be emailed to you.

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